Madeline had a rough week on 'Big Little Lies.'
CNN  — 

I don’t want to say that “Big Little Lies” was written for the sole purpose of being a GIF-t to the internet. But I’m also not saying it wasn’t.

The drama was alive and well in the second episode of the sophomore season – unlike Perry. (Burn.)

Renata learned she’s poor now. Madeline’s (Reese Witherspoon) loud-mouth child Chloe spilled the beans to Ziggy and Celeste’s (Nicole Kidman) twins that they’re half-brothers and no one was happy about it, especially Jane (Shailene Woodley) who had the unfortunate job of explaining to her child the definition of the word assault.

Celeste continued to work on her trauma in therapy in scenes that artfully and sensitively painted a visceral picture of how difficult that process can be. Ed (Adam Scott) declared he wanted to leave Madeline after finding out about her infidelity. Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) continued accessorizing her guilt with constant moping. And not to be forgotten, Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) remained determined to get to the bottom of Perry’s murder and everyone, especially Celeste, knows she’s capable of doing so.

In fact, it’s increasingly apparent that there’s little Mary Louise is incapable of.

Take for instance, the episode’s earliest GIF-able moment, when Mary Louise put Madeline in her place for what seems like the 25th time in two episodes.

“I suspect you are a godsend,” Mary Louise said, playing with her necklace in a way that emphasizes her ability to make casually cutting comments. “But on your bad days, decidedly less so.”


This episode gave Renata (Laura Dern) multiple chances to have what can only be described as Emmy Reel moments.

Early in the episode, her husband was arrested in front of a crowd of people, leaving her horrified and mortified. She later learned his misdeeds have left the family without a cent, leading to an explosion of Renata proportions.

“I will NOT NOT BE RICH,” Mt. Renata screams, with fury.

When her husband posted bail, she became furious when he seems to insinuated that her constant “want” – a theme of this season, perhaps – pushed him to make extreme choices.

She got so angry she kicks him out of the car. As she does, she begs of the frustrated, honking drivers behind her: “Will somebody give a woman a moment?”

You can have a moment, Laura Dern. Will one on the Emmy stage work for you?