Spotify reinvents radio with a new playlist for your daily commute

(CNN)Do you ever miss the radio? Listening to local news, weather reports and traffic updates while also jamming to your favorite songs?

Spotify is trying to bring that experience back with its new playlist, Your Daily Drive, which just launched.
U.S. users will be able to listen to a mix of their favorite songs, along with suggested songs and news podcasts. The playlist updates its news and songs throughout the day, so you can tune in for both your drive to work and your drive home, and still stay up to date.
The issue is that Your Daily Drive isn't localized. So while the new playlist is similar to the local radio experience, users can't rely on the app for weather and traffic reports just yet.

    No longer just about music

      The move comes a month after Spotify announced that it's testing a voice-controlled device for cars, called "Car Thing." This new playlist could be the start of the company moving toward a more car-centric strategy.
      Earlier this year, Spotify also announced plans to invest up to $500 million in podcasts, showing that the company isn't just about curating our favorite songs anymore and is making a significant foray into other audio opportunities.