Selena Gomez,  Bill Murray attends the opening ceremony and screening of "The Dead Don't Die" during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2019 in Cannes, France
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Selena Gomez is talking about how Bill Murray went viral in a red carpet picture that was reminiscent of Murray’s famous “Lost In Translation” ending.

The singer/actress visited the “Tonight Show” on Tuesday and told host Jimmy Fallon what her “The Dead Don’t Die” co-star Murray was whispering in her ear at the Cannes Film Festival.

“It wasn’t even – first off, that kind of looks weird,” Gomez said of the photo that Fallon showed the audience. “But he was just saying dumb things, like he would just lean in and be like, ‘You look great tonight.’ And then he’d look back seriously and be like, ‘Where are you from?’ And I would just sit there, and I’m trying to be poised. It was fine. That’s what he did with all the time. In press conferences, he’d try to hit me with things. Yeah, it’s just he’s fun. He’s a big kid.”

In the 2003 film “Lost In Translation,” Murray’s character whispers something to Scarlett Johansson that viewers can’t hear. Director Sofia Coppola has said of the ending, “That thing Bill whispers to Scarlett was never intended to be anything. I was going to figure out later what to say and add it in and then we never did. It was between them. Just acknowledging that week meant something to both of them and it affects them going back to their lives. People always ask me what’s said. I always like Bill’s answer: that it’s between lovers – so I’ll leave it at that.”

Meanwhile, Murray has said he wishes he could have taken Gomez (also what he calls her) home to meet his mom.

“If my mother were alive I’d bring her home to her,” Murray told People. “I learned that I like her. I learned that whatever preconception I had about someone that had 55 million billion followers of something – I probably thought she was different than she turned out to be.”

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Sofia Coppola’s last name.