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Traveling can be an amazing experience, but from stolen luggage to water-logged phones, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

One surefire way to ruin a trip? Not being prepared to deal with setbacks.

Even the savviest travelers can’t anticipate everything, which is why we’ve rounded up products to help keep you safer as you explore the world.

Whether you’re wandering solo or traveling with your whole family, these products can help make your trip safe without weighing you down.

1. Travelrambo RFID blocking leather wallet ($9.99;

Credit and debit cards sometimes include RFID chips — which are great for things like “tap to pay” but also made it easier for crafty thieves to steal your payment info using devices that basically scan your cards as you walk past. That’s why products that block RFID signals can be useful while traveling.

With ten card slots, a quick-access ID window, and a two top pockets for cash, Travelrambo’s minimalist wallet offers both security and convenience. The wallet’s slim profile makes it easy to stash in your pocket or inside a small purse, while its RFID blocking technology keeps your personal information safe.

2. Joto Universal Waterproof phone case ($8.99 to $9.99;

Joto’s popular case has earned five stars from nearly 20,000 reviews because it’s lightweight, inexpensive, and does exactly what it says it’ll do: keep your phone dry. The case is large enough to accomodate most smartphone models, and the clear windows are touch-screen friendly. You can even take photos while your phone’s inside (and no, they don’t come out blurry!). It’s also easy to stash a credit card or extra cash alongside your phone, essentially turning the case into a mini dry bag.

3. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross Body bag ($36.27;

This thoughtfully designed, ultra-roomy purse is made from slash resistant material (in both the body compartment and adjustable shoulder strap), and also features locking zippers and an internal RFID-blocking compartment. Plenty of color options, two outer water bottle pockets, and the ability to securely lock the bag to a chair or post have earned the Travelon 4.5 stars from 1,800 reviews.

4. Pacsafe Metrosafe 15 liter daypack ($74.95;

If you’re more of a backpack-wearer, Pacsafe also makes excellent anti-theft option. Both this 15 liter pack and, for those who want even more space, the Metrosafe 25 liter pack ($119.95; are made from slash-proof light-weight steel mesh and include lockable zippers, internal RFID blocking compartments, and a padded back and straps.

5. Taiker personal security alarm ($7.99;

No one plans to get stuck in a sketchy area alone, but sometimes it happens. A portable personal alarm can offer some peace of mind, and we like this well-reviewed version from Taiker that’s small enough to keep on your keychain for emergencies. Pull the attached rip cord to activate a booming 140 decibel alarm, which will sound for 30 minutes or until the pin is reinserted. The Taiker alarm also features an LED flashlight, so you don’t need to waste your phone’s battery if you get stuck walking home in the dark.

6. Addalock portable door lock ($17.95;

For situations where others might have access to your space — say, an AirBnB, hotel, or hostel — this portable lock can offer extra security and peace of mind. It only takes a few seconds to install, and weighs just 4.2 ounces.

7. Anker PowerCore II 10000 Portable charger ($29.99;

Constantly looking at Google maps and endlessly searching for wifi signals can put a serious drain your phone’s battery, which is why it’s always helpful to have a portable charger on hand when traveling. We’ve written about the greatness of Anker chargers before, and the company’s best-selling PoweCore 10000 model is an excellent choice for travelers. The pocket-sized device weighs about the same as a baseball and will recharge most phones three times, making it perfect for long days away from outlets.

8. Waypoint Goods hidden pocket scarf (from $29.99;

This lightweight scarf has a hidden zipper compartment that lets you keep your valuables close without carrying a purse. The pocket is roomy enough to discreetly stash your passport, keys, and credit cards, and the classic infinity circle design comes in 36 colors.

9. LifeStraw personal water filter ($14.99;

A convenient option whether you’re backcountry camping or just iffy on the local tap water. The LifeStraw removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, including E. coli, salmonella, and giarda. The straw itself weighs just 2 ounces, making it easy to stash in your bag for emergencies, and you can stick it directly into anything from a mountain stream to a puddle (though we’d recommend filling your water bottle first and then drinking from that).

10. Flexsafe portable safe ($69.95;

The Flexsafe is a lightweight bag that quickly and securely attaches to things like chair backs and beach umbrellas via a combination lock, letting you safely leave your phone, keys, etc. behind while you go swim or explore. The bag features RFID-blocking material that’s both slash and water resistant.

11. L.L. Bean ultralight medical kit ($29.00;

Trusted outfitter L.L. Bean has compiled first aid essentials — things like antiseptic wipes, bandages, and common pain medications — into a lightweight, watertight bag. Despite weighing only 8 ounces, the kit has enough supplies for up to four people for four days.

12. Lumintrail luggage lock and steel cable ($9.99;

This lightweight, TSA approved combination lock is perfect for keeping your luggage securely closed. Meanwhile, the included 4-foot steel cable lets you then secure your luggage itself to something else — making it much harder for anyone to simply pick it up and walk away!