01:26 - Source: CNN
John Dean: I'm honored to be on Trump's enemies list
Washington CNN  — 

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean is “honored” to be on President Donald Trump’s “enemies list,” he said Monday, just hours after he negatively compared Trump to former President Richard Nixon in testimony before Congress.

“Well, I’m honored to be on his enemies list. I was able to make Nixon’s at the end and so I’m pleased that I’m on Trump’s given my feelings about the threat he is to this country,” Dean told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Earlier Monday, Dean, a CNN contributor, testified before the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on lessons from special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election interference. In his testimony, the former Nixon administration official compared Trump to his former boss, telling the panel that Trump’s actions before and during the Russia probe were similar to those taken by Nixon during the Watergate investigation.

Dean played a vital role in the Watergate investigation when he testified before a Senate select committee in June 1973 about Nixon’s involvement, which eventually toppled his presidency. Nixon’s “enemies list” consisted of politicians, journalists and entertainers who Nixon felt had wronged him.

It’s unclear if Trump maintains a similar document, though he and his aides have reportedly listed political opponents and even members of his administration for insufficient loyalty.

Shortly before Dean delivered his congressional testimony Monday, Trump derided the former official, calling him a “loser” and pointing out that Dean served prison time for his involvement in the Watergate scandal.