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Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs Legion" lands on March 6, 2020

The upcoming title in the Watch Dogs series will take players to London on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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Ubisoft is taking us to another city in the latest Watch Dogs. Next spring, more specifically March 6, 2020, “Watch Dogs Legion” will officially land and transport players to London. This is the sequel to “Watch Dogs 2” and in the same family as “Watch Dogs,” a unique take on an open world in which hacking is used as the main form of gameplay.

“Watch Dogs Legion” will launch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Let’s walk through preorders.

  • “Watch Dogs Legion” for the PlayStation 4 — Standard Edition ($59.99; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs Legion” for the PlayStation 4 — Gold Steelbook Edition ($109.99; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs Legion” for the Xbox One — Standard Edition ($59.99; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs Legion” for the Xbox One — Gold Steelbook Edition ($109.99; amazon.com)

If you want the title ASAP, the Gold Steelbook Edition will let you play on March 3, 2020 with a season pass for new content. For either the standard or Gold Steelbook variants, you’ll receive the Golden King pack, which includes downloadable content. Plus, WatchDogs will support the Xbox One S ($249; microsoft.com), Xbox One X ($399; microsoft.com), PlayStation 4 ($299.95; amazon.com) and the PlayStation 4 Pro ($349.99, originally $399.99; amazon.com).


And “Watch Dogs Legion” isn’t just another title in the series, but offers big leaps from previous games. For starters, you’ll be tasked with taking back London after a corrupt private military corporation has taken control. And yes, in typical Watch Dogs fashion, it’s not using that power for good and is instituting all-seeing surveillance in the form of guards, crawling robotic spiders, drones and much more.

You won’t just play as one character either, but in Legion, you’ll be able to play as various characters. From a secret agent to a grandma, the city is yours to choose. Each person carries their own history, skill set and personality, allowing you to truly customize your team. It’s a fully open world take on London, with the famous red double-decker buses on the streets and landmarks like the London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and Tower Bridge.

Additionally, “Watch Dogs Legion” will feature an online mode where you can have a party with three friends to freely explore London and fight back. You’ll also find co-op missions, in addition to the main campaign and new regularly released content.

I’m excited for “Watch Dogs Legion” and to join the resistance. It seems like an innovative, immersive and engaging step for the series to take.

While you can get your preorders ahead of next March, if you’re itching to play, you can pick up a copy of “Watch Dogs 2” or the original “Watch Dogs.”

  • “Watch Dogs 2” for the PlayStation 4 ($19.99, originally $21.62; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs 2” for the Xbox One ($19.99, originally $21.62; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs” for the PlayStation 4 ($8.20; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs” for the Xbox One ($9.16; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs” for the Wii U ($24; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs” for the PlayStation 3 ($15.47; amazon.com)
  • “Watch Dogs” for the Xbox 360 ($13.60; amazon.com)

And, in March 2020, join the resistance in “Watch Dogs Legion’s” futuristic London.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.