Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Tuesday on CNN:

-- CNN's Jim Acosta defends the press in his just-released book in response to President Donald Trump's statements about "fake news."
-- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeachment is "not off the table" in an interview with CNN's Manu Raju at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's Fiscal Summit
-- Russia intercepted US and Swedish reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, the latest in a series of similar encounters at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow.
    -- Former Red Sox player David Ortiz is recovering in a Boston hospital after he was shot at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.
    -- Russia dropped charges against an investigative reporter after backlash that seemed to catch the Kremlin off-guard.
    -- Radiohead said it was releasing 18 hours of recordings from around the time of its 1997 album, "OK Computer," after cyber-attackers reportedly threatened to release the material if the band didn't pay $150,000.
    -- An 8-year-old boy's day at the beach went horribly wrong when he was swept nearly a half-mile from shore on a unicorn-shaped float, CNN affiliate WWAY reported.
    -- Times Square in New York is about to get a whole lot brighter with the addition of the world's largest Hot Light at a new Krispy Kreme opening next year.
      -- A toilet reportedly costing $278,000 and powered by the sun will be installed in Perth, Australia, for Instagrammers who frequent the area for social-media shoots at the Crawley Edge Boat Shed.
      -- Atari opened preorders for its newest gaming console, the Atari VCS. The base model costs about $250 and will ship in March.