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The Elite 2 Wireless Controller is available for preorder now at $179.99

Microsoft completely redesigned the Elite 2 controller from the inside out

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Xbox’s massive briefing at the annual E3 gaming convention wasn’t just about teasing the forthcoming next-generation console Scarlett or announcing a plethora of games coming this year. The Xbox Elite 2 controller ($179.99; was announced as well.

This next-generation controller will land on November 4 and is available now for preorder from Microsoft for $179.99. Like everything else at E3 2019, Xbox created a sleek teaser video, which you can view below.

Let’s walk through the improvements, and there are quite a few of them.

For starters, the Elite 2 controller has been re-engineered completely and should deliver better performance. It now features adjustable tension thumbsticks to give you even more control over how the controller reacts to presses and twists. And yes, a tool for adjustments is included with the controller.

You can even remap buttons to fit certain needs, and the Elite 2 supports up to three custom profiles. Whether those are for different games or different users is up to you. The bumpers and grips have also been redesigned for a better experience. Another big change is a switch to USB-C for charging and docking. Xbox says the Elite should last for up to 40 hours. It also packs Bluetooth support for easy pairing with other devices.

All in all, the Elite 2 controller seems like a worthy successor to the original Elite controller. At $179.99, it’s not the cheapest, and you can still get a classic Xbox wireless controller for around $54.99, but this is a very pro device. And with a November launch, it could make a great holiday gift.

You can preorder the new Xbox Elite 2 Wireless Controller from Microsoft now.

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