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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed how President Donald Trump handled his latest trade and immigration talks with Mexico, repeating her claim that the President throws “temper tantrums.”

“Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy,” Pelosi said in a statement Saturday, a day after the President announced he’d rescinded tariff threats to Mexico after reaching an immigration enforcement deal.

Trump took a shot at Pelosi as well Saturday morning, calling her “nervous” on Twitter as he pressed the House to take up the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement – one of several ongoing points of dispute between Trump and Pelosi.

“Nervous Nancy Pelosi & the Democrat House are getting nothing done. Perhaps they could lead the way with the USMCA, the spectacular & very popular new Trade Deal that replaces NAFTA, the worst Trade Deal in the history of the U.S.A. Great for our Farmers, Manufacturers & Unions!” Trump tweeted.

The respective comments Saturday morning mark the latest jabs between Trump and Pelosi in their continuing war of words.

In her statement, Pelosi took issue with Trump’s relationship with Mexico and said the President’s actions “undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world” by threatening tariffs on a nation she described as “our close friend and neighbor to the south.”

Trump previously threatened a series of tariffs on Mexico as he demanded new action on border security and migration, but on Friday night, he said he was dropping the threat and claimed the US had reached a satisfactory agreement with Mexico.

On Friday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Pelosi’s counterpart, tweeted sarcastically of Trump’s announcement: “Now that that problem is solved, I’m sure we won’t be hearing any more about it in the future.”

The Trump administration’s declaration said Mexico would increase enforcement to curb irregular migration and that individuals caught crossing into the US from Mexico seeking asylum would be “rapidly returned” to Mexico where they will await consideration of their asylum claims, according to the State Department.

Pelosi pledged in her statement that Congress would hold the administration accountable “for its failures to address the humanitarian situation at our southern border,” and said Trump had undermined both efforts in Congress to address the border and efforts with Mexico to address smuggling networks.

Her statement echoed previous admonitions of Trump’s behavior, including when she said last month that Trump had a “temper tantrum” after he left a meeting between them. Trump said in response that he was “an extremely stable genius” and denied having a “temper tantrum,” as he pointed to White House officials who vouched for him.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, Maegan Vazquez, Michelle Kosinski and Caroline Kelly contributed to this report.