Actors you probably forgot were in 'Band of Brothers'

By Sandra Gonzalez, CNN

Published 3:00 PM ET, Thu June 6, 2019
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Known to most now as Moriarty or "Fleabag's" "hot priest," Andrew Scott has a part in the "Band of Brothers" episode called "Day of Days." His character, John Hall, unfortunately meets a sad end. HBO
O'Mara appeared in two episodes of "Band of Brothers" as 1st Lt. Thomas Meehan. HBO
Lt. George C. Rice brings some much-needed ammo to the men in the episode titled "Crossroads" and is never seen again. HBO
In two episodes, Hardy plays John A. Janovec, a low-ranking soldier who gets caught with his pants down -- literally. HBO
Though he's in seven episodes, we don't learn much about Fassbender's character Burton P. Christenson. Still, this star-in-the-making is hard to overlook. HBO
The future star of "Preacher" has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance as a man in line for spaghetti in the episode called "Currahee." There are no small parts, people. HBO
David Schwimmer shed his Ross persona to take on the role of difficult and demanding Capt. Herbert Sobel. His lackey in the miniseries was a man named William S. Evans, played by Simon Pegg. HBO
The future Professor Charles Xavier appeared in an episode titled "Replacements" as James W. Miller, a young soldier who has a tragic end. HBO