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Shutterfly is the place for customized gifts from the heart

You'll find personalized gifts from photo books to cards, plaques, magnets and more

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Dads can be tough to shop for. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, finding the perfect gifts for all the important dads in your life is probably creeping up your priority list. But where do you go to get something that’s better than a tie and more personal than those generic cards from the drugstore?

The easy answer is Shutterfly, where you can get customized, personalized gifts from the heart. Shutterfly offers image-publishing services, and its most popular product is its line of photo books. We’re not talking about those dusty old photo albums on your grandma’s bookshelf with Polaroids taped inside. These are beautiful, high-definition, digitally printed treasures. You can edit photos directly on Shutterfly’s website or even on its mobile app, add text, borders, effects and more. Then you can add quotes or captions or graphics to your book. You can arrange the photos in a collage or in a more straightforward design, you can choose whatever size you want, and you can add as many pages as you need. No matter what you want to do, you can make this photo book just as unique as your dad.

Shutterfly makes the process easy, too, and you’ve got options. You can simply upload your photos to Shutterfly and have their designers create the book for you, or you can do it all yourself or use one of Shutterfly’s premade layouts.

Plus, Shutterfly offers tons of other gift ideas. From straight prints, to personalized cards, cell phone cases, plaques, magnets, calendars and stationery, there are countless ways to get those photos off your phone and into your hands, or your dad’s hands.

No matter what you choose, anything from Shutterfly is bound to be a hit because of the thought you put into it. And when you take photos and videos of Dad or Grandpa flipping through his new album, or opening up his personalized desktop calendar, you’ll have great memories to add to your next Shutterfly order.