Theresa Whitehead holds a photograph of her friend Muhlaysia Booker, a transgender woman who was shot this month in Dallas, Texas.

There's something different about the public reaction to Muhlaysia Booker's death

Updated 5:35 PM ET, Mon June 3, 2019

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Dallas (CNN)Muhlaysia Booker was honored in death Tuesday the same way she lived her life, as a fierce, beautiful transgender woman, surrounded by those who loved her.

Her body lie in a sleek blue casket with a bejeweled tiara resting on her head. The headpiece matched her glitter eye shadow, dress bodice and elaborate nail art.
From the pulpit, her mother said that Booker once told her she would do whatever it would take to live her truth, even if it cost her her life.
"She was willing to die behind it," Stephanie Houston said. "That's why it's well with my soul."
Booker's death drew national attention to the pattern of deadly violence against transgender women of color. In five weeks, she went from a symbol of transgender resistance -- catapulted into the national spotlight after a viral video showed her fighting back against a mob attack -- to a martyr.