‘Booksmart’ gets boost of social media support

CNN  — 

The new film “Booksmart” has some major boosters.

Several stars, including Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds and Natalie Portman, have been using social media to encourage folks to see the movie that marks the directorial debut for actress Olivia Wilde.

The movie follows two high school students who try to cram in all the fun they missed while they were busy studying.

Swift reposted a story on Instagram from one of the film’s cast members, Diana Silvers, which showed Silvers changing the words to Swift’s hit “Delicate,” urging people to see her movie.

Reynolds tweeted, “BOOKSMART. Don’t walk, RUN to see this. Today and all summer. Holy s**t.”

“I have seen it once an I’m gonna go again this weekend,” Mindy Kaling tweeted. “That’s how much i love this hilarious, poignant movie! Come see #booksmart with me!”

The decision to release a coming-of-age comedy during a busy Memorial Day weekend was questioned by some industry observers, but the film’s distributor downplayed the importance of “Booksmart’s” modest opening.

“We have always believed, and actually proven, that we have a movie that audiences love, and we are expecting the film to play well into the summer,” United Artists Releasing Distribution President Erik Lomis told the Los Angeles Times. “We are not quitting on this great film. We’re confident that it’s going to leg out.”

Director Wilde acknowledged the marketing challenge in a tweet on Monday.

“A wide release for a small film is def a major gamble. I’m lucky my first movie is in any theater at all! Also proud a movie like this can be seen by the entire country at once. We made @Booksmart for everyone,” she wrote.

Those who have seen it, appear to love it.

The film boasted a 97 percent fresh rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.