Divine intervention? Motorist escapes prosecution for speeding, thanks to a white dove.
CNN  — 

A lucky motorist in Germany may have a higher power to thank for a blissfully unaware dove that allowed him to escape a speeding fine.

An unidentified motorist was caught on camera in a local speed trap on Amerner Way in Viersen, Germany on May 21.

At the exact moment the image was taken a white dove flew into the frame blocking the man’s image from identification. Without proper identification police cannot punish a driver for speeding.

Local police posted the image on its Facebook page joking that the “Holy Ghost” may have placed the bird there at the opportune moment to protect the driver from prosecution.

White doves are commonly used in biblical references to represent the Holy Ghost, one part of the Trinity in the Christian religion.

Citing that God may have intervened on the speeder’s behalf, police said they will not pursue punishment for the driver at this time. They also joked that they would have also had to prosecute the dove for flying too fast.

The dove saved the driver a 105 euro fine.

CNN’s Christopher Williams contributed to this report.