Farewell, infrastructure week

Washington (CNN)We'll never forget you, infrastructure week.

The in-joke among political observers came back to bite this week, as President Donald Trump was scheduled to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other top Democrats for a second round of talks about how to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.
Never mind that infrastructure was the one oft-cited example of potential bipartisanship as both sides of the aisle tried to figure out a common area to work together.
And never mind that after the first meeting, both sides agreed on a $2 trillion investment in the country's roads, bridges and more.
    This week, Trump told Democrats he wouldn't act on infrastructure until they pass his USMCA trade deal. Then Pelosi, pressured by her own caucus over impeachment, criticized Trump for "engaging in a cover-up." Trump then blew up the meeting -- and went to the Rose Garden to unleash a diatribe of his own, complete with visual aids.
    That wasn't the only plan that went off the rails this week.
    Communities devastated by natural disasters have been waiting for trillions in money for disaster relief to pass in the House and Senate after it got tied up in Trump's fight over the border wall. Everything appeared to be on track after a Senate vote Thursday, only for a Friday morning speed bump from Texas Rep. Chip Roy.
    Roy's objection, in part because the $19 billion bill doesn't include funding for Trump's border wall, means that passage of the bill is now likely delayed until June.
    The Point: From infrastructure to disaster funding, it was a week of derailment.
    And now, the week in 26 headlines: