This is the devastation tornadoes and floods wrought in central US

Updated 4:18 PM ET, Thu May 23, 2019

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(CNN)Violent storms tore through the central US this week, devastating parts of Missouri and Oklahoma, which were hit by dozens of tornadoes and flooding.

Here's what the carnage looked like after days of havoc.


A large tornado slammed the Missouri capital of Jefferson City on Wednesday night, downing power lines and overturning cars at a local dealership.
Mayor Carrie Tergin told CNN that many buildings suffered significant damage as a result of the tornado.
The extent of that damage became apparent as the sun rose Thursday morning, revealing scenes like the one above, where a gas station awning had collapsed.
Downed power lines meant that Jessica Rodgers and Ray Arellana had to carefully maneuver through the streets as they carried a stroller with Rodgers' sister Sophia nestled inside.
Eric Cunningham, a resident who took shelter in his basement, described the scene as being like something you'd see in a place ravaged by war.
The storm also ripped apart trees, such as this one outside the Hidden Oaks apartment complex.
Jefferson City wasn't the only Missouri city to get hit. Tornadoes struck other parts of the state, like Hartville, where this supermarket suffered extensive damage on Tuesday.


    Tornadoes also hit Oklahoma this week, forcing Peggs resident Michelle Underwood to sift through the wreckage to salvage her belongings.
    Oklahomans also had to contend with heavy rains and flooding, prompting water rescues by first responders.
    Images showed homes like this one at risk of falling into the rising waters of the Cimarron River.
    The home eventually succumbed to the rising river.
      As water from the Arkansas River rose, Marlene Paul stood on the back porch of her home Wednesday in Webbers Falls and watched it come closer and closer.