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See fans spoof Rihanna's body lotion video
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You are truly a boss when you can just casually pick up and move out of the country and people only find out much later.

Rihanna has apparently hopped across the pond for “work, work, work, work, work” and it’s just now becoming public knowledge.

During a recently published interview with the New York Times magazine, the singer and Fenty makeup mogul talked about moving to London where she is closer to her team working on Fenty.

She said one of the things she most enjoys about living in the city is “walking around the block.”

Yes, the Grammy winner takes jaunts around the neighborhood, albeit somewhat incognito.

But that’s not what tripped the internet out.

They were more shocked that the star had moved and few even realized it.

“Rihanna lives in London??,” one person tweeted. “I didn’t know I was this close to the queen. I’ve breathed the same London air as her! oMg!”

That now also explains why there is a photo on social media of Rihanna with a bag from Sainsbury’s, a grocery chain in the United Kingdom.

For the record, the name “Rihanna” is believed to be derived from the Old Celtic word “Rigantona” which means “great queen” so yes, we can say (tongue in cheek) that England has a new queen.