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Wellness is one of the watchwords of our age, a catch-all term for the holistic health practices and healthy living lifestyles manifest in everything from your standard farm-to-table kale salad to mindfulness and meditation. The popularity of essential oils — the rich liquids that emerge when plants, nuts and seeds are pressed — owes much to this contemporary preference for all things natural, organic and green.

Many essential oils are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products, with some people claiming therapeutic, cleansing and health benefits. Because many essential oils have strong fragrances, they’re also often used in aromatherapy or to simply spruce up the scentscape in a room.

The science behind the health benefits of essential oils is mixed, with one prominent magazine noting only a few large-scale, peer-reviewed studies about their efficacy — with more or less modest conclusions. And while companies can’t claim their products prevent, treat or cure disease without U.S. Food and Drug Administration oversight and independent testing, there are ways to circumvent this, thanks to abstractions like “balance” and “synergy” or references to general body conditions, not specific diseases. What isn’t disputed is the fact that many essential oils feel and smell great, and a lot of folks love using them.

With that caveat, Plant Therapy has established itself as a premiere destination and trusted provider in the essential oil and wellness world. According to the company’s mission statement, Plant Therapy believes in “exceptional quality, the purest ingredients, and the desire to positively impact as many people as humanly possible.”

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Here’s what caught our eye:

Evoke Celebrate Set ($39.95;

Plant Therapy

Evoke is Plant Therapy’s new line of natural fragrance products, designed to freshen up your favorite places with pleasing, aromatic scents. There are a ton of fragrances and sets to choose from, but we love the Celebrate set for its balanced complexity. You get three 10-milliliter bottles, from the warm, woody scent of the Excite blend, to the lush apple blossom florals of Revere, and capped by the luminous crushed peppercorn and fresh berry scents of Jubilation. And no matter which set you choose, rest assured that you’ll always get a clean, fresh journey across distinct, pleasing smellscapes to charm the ol’ olfactory apparatus. (Not sure where to begin when using essential oils? Check out the helpful FAQs, video guides and walkthroughs. Or dive in to the Oil of the Month Club!)

Breathe Easy Set with NovaFuse ($49.95;

Plant Therapy

When using essential oils for aromatherapy or to spruce up a room, it’s a good idea to invest in a diffuser. Plant Therapy offers plenty to choose from, but we love the NovaFuse, with its clean, shapely design and soothing five-color LED lights with multiple timer settings to match any need and environment. Plus, the ultrasonic technology diffuses without resorting to heat or chemicals, helping to maintain the natural purity of the oils. The Breathe Easy Set, which includes six popular and fragrant oils (Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Tea Tree), is a great way to start an essential oils journey.

Essential Oils For Men (starting at $10.95;

Plant Therapy

Essential oils are used for more than just nice smells, however. That’s good news for the hirsute guy in your life, who no doubt appreciates an All Natural Beard Oil that softens beards and moustaches, and tames unruly hairs, all while smelling spectacular (and All Natural Beard Balm is a must for anyone looking to grow substantial facial hair and keep it looking trim and neat!) Nobody wants their beards to feel greasy or gross, which is why a balm made from high-quality, natural ingredients is such a godsend.

Pink Himalayan Salt (1 pound bag) ($8.95;

Plant Therapy

The craze for pink Himalayan salt is easy to understand: The stuff tastes delicious. Plus, it’s full of minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. That’s a win-win for your tastebuds and the rest of your body, as far as we’re concerned. This food grade salt is perfect for cooking and any DIY body care products you might whip up at home.

Lip Balm Trio Set ($9.95;

Plant Therapy

We don’t know how people survive without lip balm, considering how uncomfortable flaky, chapped lips make us feel. Soft and hydrated lips are the way to go, and this trio of fun and fragrant blends feels summery and carefree. Try Citrus Splash for something bright and bouncy, Orangesicle if you want to relive your childhood noshing on vanilla-orange popsicles and Peppermint Bliss for that classic fresh minty goodness. And natural ingredients like meadowfoam carrier oil, shea butter and beeswax keep your lips happy and hydrated.