01 colorado snow 0521
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It’s…[checks calendar]…the 21st of May and there is snow on the ground in Denver.

We’re not talking a light dusting, either: Monday’s record-breaking spring storm dumped three inches of snow around the Denver airport, with other parts of the state getting as much as six inches of snow.

Look, it’s practically a winter wonderland in the middle of spring:

01 denver snow 0521

Believe it or not, it’s not unusual for it to snow in the Mile-High City this late in the season. Denver averages around one inch of snow during the month of May, and it has snowed during May in 52 of the last 70 years.

But, this MUCH snow is certainly not the norm. The Denver area has seen 3 inches of more of snow during May only 15 times in the last 70 years, or about once every four or five years.

02 denver snow 0521

So yes, it’s totally normal to be alarmed by a healthy blanket of snow just a few days before schools let out at the end of the month. But, it IS Colorado, so there’s always a risk of a little winter precipitation sneaking into your summer.

CNN’s Brandon Miller contributed to this report