What it was like at the final taping of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Penny and Leonard had some news to share in the series finale of "The Big Bang Theory."

(CNN)The following contains spoilers about "The Big Bang Theory" series finale.

There is a big bazinga coming, and Mayim Bialik wants to see it play out.
Like most sets, those used on "The Big Bang Theory" are segments that don't easily flow from one to another. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) kitchen, for example, does not share a wall with a hotel hallway on the show. But the door to the apartment once shared by Leonard and Sheldon does, in fact, lead to the hallway set and a formerly broken elevator.
In the scene we're watching from the opening minutes of the final episode of "The Big Bang Theory," Penny and Amy (Bialik) have just returned from getting their dresses from the tailor. Amy is jazzed that her dress had to be taken in and Penny's had to be taken out.
    As Amy and Sheldon leave, the attention stays on Leonard and Penny.