Alec Baldwin files motion to dismiss suit over parking spot dispute

Alec Baldwin is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit over a parking spot

(CNN)Alec Baldwin has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the man he had a dispute with over a parking spot, claiming he didn't hit the alleged victim and has video to prove it.

In a motion filed Tuesday and obtained by CNN, attorneys for Baldwin deny the claims of serious injury by the alleged victim, Wojciech Cieszkowski, and state "the encounter was caught on video."
"The video shows that Baldwin never raises his arm above his shoulder; he doesn't swivel his shoulders to throw a punch; he doesn't cock his arm back," the motion states.
Baldwin "lightly" tapped Cieszkowski on the chest, for which he was prescribed "nothing more than one dose of Tylenol," the motion states.
    Baldwin's attorneys argue Cieszkowski is "trying to turn a minor altercation over a parking spot into a multi-billion dollar lottery ticket."