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Pro-choice and anti-abortion activists held signs outside the US Supreme Court in January.

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Wednesday on CNN:

-- Alabama's Senate passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the US last night. Read Chris Cillizza's analysis of what the bill aims to do, and join the conversation.
-- The White House rejected Democrats' request for documents in the obstruction probe. Here's what you need to know about the sparring match.
-- Newly obtained audio revealed more about the Boeing 737 Max mess. Pilots angrily confronted Boeing about the planes months before a second deadly crash in Ethiopia.
    -- The US ordered non-emergency staff to leave Iraq as tensions there escalated with Iran.
    -- Both suspects in the Colorado mass shooting face 48 counts of murder, attempted murder and related gun charges. Meanwhile, hundreds of Jeeps gathered to honor Kendrick Castillo, the student who sacrificed his life to help stop the shooting.
    -- "The Jeremy Kyle Show" was England's version of "The Jerry Springer Show." But not anymore. The popular British talk show, known for its occasionally violent consequences, was canceled "for good" after one of its guests died.
    -- A cartoon in the Harvard Lampoon sexualized Anne Frank. Now the magazine is apologizing.
    -- A farmer amputated his leg with a pocket knife to save his own life. Here's why.
      -- Facebook changed its livestream rules -- two months after the accused gunman live-streamed the New Zealand mass shooting.
      -- And finally, a taste of sweet news. Hershey's is giving its candy bars a new look for the first time ever.