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It’s an old saw, but that doesn’t make it any less true: You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not invest in a quality bedroom experience? The economic logic is pretty clear: Invest in what you spend time doing.

But there’s a qualitative argument to be made, too. Your bedroom is, or can be, a kind of sanctuary in a chaotic world, a still point in the rush of daily life, a haven. How much better might the world be if everyone hit the hay each night assured of a better, more restful sleep?

That’s the thinking behind Leesa, a company on a mission to help everyone achieve better rest. It’s been earning rave reviews from everybody from Wirecutter, MattressAdvisor.com and Business Insider. While mattresses have historically been a pricey investment, Leesa offers both incredible value and a best-in-class sleeping experience, which leaves both wallets and backs happy.

Even better, the company is offering a CNN user promo, which will automatically change the prices found here: www.leesa.com/cnn. You can also use the code CNN15 for 15% off from May 14 to 19.

Here’s what we’d choose when building a new sleep sanctuary:

Hybrid Mattress ($1440, originally $1695; leesa.com)

leesa hybrid maattress

The Leesa hybrid mattress strikes a perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness. That’s because it has both inner coils and memory foam, which work together to provide bounce and edge support alongside pressure relief and minimized motion. It’s this attention to detail and craftsmanship — pocket spring sizes that vary from the edge to the center, 1½-inch layers of both premium and memory foam — which is the foundation of the luxurious sleep experience that sets Leesa apart. We love the quilted softness and sharp looks, too. That’s a level of care and quality you won’t always find in competing models.

Mattress Protector ($79; leesa.com)

mattress protector

Why invest in a quality mattress, something you literally use for hours every day, and not protect it? A waterproof mattress protector like this one lets you live your best bedroom-sanctuary life without worry. Spills, dust, pet accidents and grime are mere trifles: Just slip off the protector, machine wash and dry on hot, and you’re good. Life is complex enough. Taking care of your mattress doesn’t need to be.

Platform Bed ($549, originally $675; leesa.com)

platform bed

We love the minimalism of a sleek, svelte platform bed. Not only do they fit snugly into all sorts of spaces, but they’re supremely functional, too. This one from Leesa is an easy-to-assemble looker with gray twill and birchwood and — gasp! — requires no tools to set up. Any piece of furniture that lets us do more sleeping and less wrenching and hammering is a win in our books.

Hybrid Pillow ($99, originally $125; leesa.com)


There’s no doubt the humble pillow ranks pretty high in terms of which purchases most impact your quality of rest. And since your sleep sanctuary is precious, the imperative is clear: Get yourself a better pillow. This one from Leesa works like a charm. It’s made from cooling fibers and a ventilated gel comfort layer to prevent the dreaded nighttime headsweats. The clever downlike quilted pockets maintain their fluffy shape and support no matter how you treat it. And it’s customizable, too: A pillow insert can be removed with a simple zip to match the level of support that best suits you.