Heaven's nectar or the devil's juice?
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Every six months or so, the internet bands together to fight over an incredibly arbitrary topic as a form of escapism in order to ease the pain of existing. It’s fun!

Following in the footsteps of great water cooler topics before it, such as the epic Yanny versus Laurel debate of 2018, comes a brand new argument ready to upset family dinners, divide group chats, and start bar fights across the nation:

Is the Aperol spritz a good drink?

What on God’s green earth is an Aperol spritz?

aperol spritz

Traditionally, an Aperol spritz is made from first combining equal parts prosecco and aperol, an Italian apéritif that is simultaneously fruity and bitter, in a wine glass filled with ice. Next, you add a dash of soda water and an ounce of pretension to really get the party rocking.

It is also commonly topped with an orange slice and served to Instagram influencers flitting around Europe with their Away luggage and Quip toothbrushes in tow. Can’t you just taste the sponsored luxury?

The drink is known for its iconic deep orange color that closely resembles Orange Fanta, but is far more expensive to order at your local watering hole. While you can drink an Aperol spritz in the winter time, it’s much more common to enjoy the beverage during the summer while lounging on a yacht off the coast of Italy.

How did we get here?

On Thursday, the New York Times published a review condemning the Aperol spritz as “something that drinks like a Capri Sun after soccer practice on a hot day. Not in a good way.”

The internet aptly lost its mind. Party lines were drawn, couples were divided and booze was shed.

Aperol spritz defenders claim the drink is refreshing and the perfect summer cocktail. While those opposed to the orange behemoth welcome the critique of the drink. Even cooking legend Nigella Lawson weighed in on the debate.

“Why would anyone have a Tizer-like Aperol Spritz when you could have a Campari Soda or even an Americano,” the chef tweeted.

Is the Aperol spritz fight the last straw?

Is this what divides our country to the point of no return?

Will we be telling our grandkids about the day we first witnessed World War Spritz?

Only time will tell.