This $29.99 kitchen accessory is a perfect way to chill drinks in a jiffy

Jacob Krol, CNN Underscored
Updated Fri May 17, 2019

As part of an ongoing series, the CNN Underscored team showcases outstanding deals you can shop right now in the CNN Store. Each week, we feature a product we think you'll love. This week, we're highlighting the HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler ($29.99;

Modern coffee machines are great, but the common Achilles heel is that many of them only brew hot coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks. Sure, you can throw in ice cubes to cool your drink down, but that waters down the taste and could end up overfilling the cup. So what's a coffee aficionado to do when he or she is craving iced coffee?

Well, the HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler offers a solution in its $29.99 kitchen accessory. Simply brew or pour the hot coffee or other liquid into the HyperChiller and it will cool the drink in about a minute. Of course, you need to correctly set up the accessory by freezing water into the steel chambers and letting it sit upright overnight in a freezer.

It's a pretty straightforward process once you get the hang of it, and I found myself using it for my morning coffee. You can also use HyperChiller to chill a glass of wine, to fix that cup of room-temperature lemonade, or to cool down really anything you want a little colder. It works a bit better than ice on its own, but if you're going for iced coffee, I suggest brewing into HyperChiller and then pouring the cold coffee into a glass with ice already in it.

At $29.99 you really can't beat this deal on the HyperChiller.

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