Reese Witherspoon had a gig working for Denzel Washington before she was famous.
CNN  — 

Take heart, aspiring actors. Reese Witherspoon was once an intern terrified of screwing up.

The star recently appeared on the podcast “Sooo Many White Guys” and shared a story from her early days in the industry.

Witherspoon said she was an intern on Denzel Washington’s 1995 film “Devil in a Blue Dress.”

All was good until the Oscar winner asked her to park his Porsche.

“I was at the front desk and he was like, he was like, ‘Hey,’ and he had to go into a casting session and he handed me the keys,” Witherspoon said. “And I was like, ‘Holy s**t, I can’t drive that car.’ “

The “Big Little Lies” star said she thought “First of all, I’m going to wreck it.”

“I’m the worst driver in the world,” Witherspoon said. “Second of all, you get in it and I’d never driven a Porsche.”

She said she didn’t fare well with the stick shift.

“I stripped all the gears and was like, He’s going to really not… I’m going to, like, burn out his clutch,” Witherspoon said.

The actress said such work gave her a good perspective and she makes her children get jobs during the summer. She has a daughter, Ava, 19, and sons Deacon, 15, and Tennessee, 6.

Her husband, agent Jim Toth, worked in the mail room of talent agency CAA in his 20s, Witherspoon said.

“He drove a package to my house,” she said. “Isn’t that crazy?”