"Game of Thrones" star Nathalie Emmanuel calls the response to Missandei's demise "overwhelming."
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Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by how “Game of Thrones” did Missandei.

We won’t rehash how it all went down, but just know that you are not alone.

Missandei and that ‘GoT’ scene made Nathalie Emmanuel happy

Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who played the character, tweeted Wednesday in the wake of the support she’s received since Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones.”

“Can I just say the response after Missandei’s demise has been overwhelming,” Emmanuel said on Twitter. “Honestly I was calm about the whole thing but the outpouring of love, anger, sadness has left me all in my feelings. #yougotme #thankyou.”

And she’s not the only one.

Peruse social media a bit, and you will bear witness to the grief, especially given that the storyline meant that Missandei and Grey Worm (played by Jacob Anderson) would not end up together.

Emmanuel and Anderson were holding it down as the only actors of color on the show, a fact that Twitter duly noted.

“All missandei and greyworm wanted to do was survive and go to Atlanta,” one person tweeted along with a video showing the actors who played them goofing around on set.

“When They See Us” director Ava DuVernay also tweeted about the loss of Missandei.

“So… the one and only sister on the whole epic, years-long series?,” DuVernay tweeted. “That’s what you wanna do? Okay. #GOT.”