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Whether you’re super close to your mom or not, chances are good that there’s been at least one mother-like figure in your life who’s made a difference – from the teacher who encouraged you to trust your passions, to the best friend who finally gave birth after years of struggling to conceive.

Though you have the best intentions of shopping early to get those people the very best, most thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day, time has a way of sneaking up on us.

We’ve got a gift list designed for the procrastinator – including beauty goods, cooking essentials, plants and more – that will wow your mama, your sister, your aunt, your grandma or any other mother-of-another in your life.

Best of all? You can get all of these with two-day shipping!

For the new mama: Mouth ‘Hey Baby!’ Gift Basket (97.50;

For your best friend, you’ve attended all of life’s personal milestones: the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the wedding and the baby news. And right now, she’s #exhausted and the only thing on her mind is her newborn. Help her remember herself with this sweet gift basket that comes complete with snacks to tide her over during feedings or after sleepless nights. Cutest of all – the included baby blanket.

For the Host: Laguna Beach Picnic Blanket ($45;

You come from a big family, so any celebration is usually total chaos. You love it, and even tolerate your brothers and sisters long enough to put on a happy face for Mom. This year, give her what she really wants: a picnic with her tribe. This outdoor blanket, made of soft polyester fleece and complete with a waterproof bottom, is ideal for the park, the beach or even the backyard. Just make sure you bring some bubbles and flowers, too!

For the history buff: Living DNA Kit ($79;

DNA kits have been growing in popularity recently, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, consider Mother’s Day a unique opportunity to give Mom the gift of ancestral knowledge. The Living DNA Kit is available on Amazon Prime and on sale until May 12. Consider going in as a whole family to learn more about your genetic makeup.

For the hot yoga lover: Hurom HP Personal Slow ($296.99, originally $299;

Since her kids flew the coop, Mom has taken up spin classes. And running 5Ks. Now, she’s into hot yoga — and cools off afterward with organic juices and protein smoothies. You can save her the money she shells out for those expensive juices with this at-home alternative. It’s compact but cute, and can whip up smoothies, almond milk, sorbets and whatever else she’s craving post-vinyasa.

For the at-home chef: City Cooking West End Plating Kit (44.99;

Your mom and grandma are legendary cooks, but for the maternal chef in the family, consider upgrading her serving style with this plating kit. It was created by a New York-based cooking school and comes with a customized canvas travel roll, complete with tweezers, silicone tongs, an offset spatula, a silicone brush, a stainless steel sauce spoon, squeeze bottle and more. Now your next goal will be teaching her to use “the Instagram” to share her creations.

For the game lover: Badmoji ($13.99;

Nah, the most competitive person you know isn’t your old man. It’s your mom, who schools everyone on Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, Cranium — and the list goes on. You can stack up her game collection and upgrade to the new generation with this fun emoji-inspired game. Sure, it’s a little X-rated — but in her golden years, your mom is sassier than ever.

For the busy professional: TruMedic InstaShiatsu Foot Massager ($199, originally $349.97;

Your mom technically could retire — but she has no intention to. For the woman who doesn’t know how to slow down, consider this at-home foot massager. It uses a combination of air compression and rollers to fully encircle her feet, helping her to release tension and soothe tired ankles. Once she slips her feet in, it’ll be no surprise why Oprah picked this as one of her favorite things in 2018.

For the next Joanna Gaines: Paddywax Glow Collection: Peony & Lavender ($32.95;

Once she no longer had kiddos to care for or a demanding job to commute to every day, your mom needed a hobby. What she ultimately decided to do was fix up the house. It’s a never-ending mission and lately, she’s been on a “Fixer Upper” binge. This iridescent ceramic candle looks and feels luxurious, but doesn’t carry that kind of price tag. Choose from a large selection of colors and fragrances to match her aesthetic of the month.

For the travel lover: Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access Global Hardside Carry-On ($341.75;

Before she had kids, Mom spent a year backpacking through Europe. You inherited the travel bug from your mom, and now you can upgrade her tattered luggage with this sleek new option. It meets most carry-on regulations for major airlines, and the lightweight feature makes it easy for her to roll through airports. Now, you just have to book a trip together!

For the lifelong learner: Rosetta Stone (prices start as low as $5.99/mo;

One of the things you love the most about your mom is her curiosity. She’s always striking up a conversation with someone — the barista, the waitress, the grocery store clerk. She wants to know everything about everything, and now you can give her the gift of language with Rosetta Stone. From Spanish to German and beyond, this will help her fill her time — and perhaps, inspire her to book a flight.

For the scrapbooker: Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer ($129.99;

Even though she has an iPhone, your mom still prints photos and makes books for every event. You have them for graduation, your engagement, the birth of your first child. Make the creative process easier for your mom with this pocket printer that creates 2-by-3-inch photos in less than a minute. Say cheese!

For the gardener: Lula’s Garden Succulents ($48;

Your mom has heard of the succulent trend that’s popping around, but she’s yet to try her green thumb. Show her the ropes with this cute set that’ll light up her desk, her vanity, her kitchen or all of the above. Even if she isn’t the greatest with plants, chances are good she can keep these beauties alive.

For the aromatherapy fan: Garden of Life Essential Oils ($34.99;

Essential oils may be popular these days, but your mom has been using them forever. This year, show her how much you were paying attention to her recommendations with this nice set from Garden of Life. They’re organic and non-GMO and will help her relax, feel energized and more.

For the chef of everything: Philips Kitchen Pasta and Noodle Maker ($200.37, originally $349.99;

She’s always hand-rolled her homemade fettuccine, but as she ages, your grandma doesn’t have the dexterity she used to have. Give her this awesome machine that mixes, kneads and creates a pound of pasta in — wait for it! — 15 minutes. She can use fresh ingredients including whole wheat flour, spinach, carrot juice and more.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.