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'Old Town Road' sets new chart record
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There are many remixes of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” floating out there. But you don’t need to look any further than this one.

A third-grade class recorded the most adorable, wholesome version of the rap-country crossover hit, and people are praising their teacher for finding a way to get her students excited about solving math problems.

Jasmine A. Merlette, who teaches third grade at Sun Valley Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, posted a video of her and her students singing along to a version of the song that stresses persistence and determination. According to Merlette’s Twitter hashtags, the kids slayed their state test.

“I’m gonna ace my test, gonna raise my score / I’m gonna solve ‘til I can’t no more,” Merlette and the kids sing before the beat drops and everyone starts jumping up and down.

Merlette told CNN that she got the idea to produce the video after one of her students shared that they were nervous about an upcoming test.

“‘You have no reason to be nervous. You got this! We have been preparing all year!’” Merlette said she told the student. “But then I recalled how stressful end-of-year assessments were for me growing up. The goal of our song was to encourage my kids to remain confident and motivated while taking the state exams. Music is a fun and easy way to remind them that they possess the tools for success!”

There are no horses in the video, but the classroom’s mascot giraffe makes a surprise appearance. Merlette said it was the kids’ idea to include it.

Lil Nas X himself got a little emotional after seeing the video and weighed in.

“i’m cheesing hard as hell watching this. this beautiful lol,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to Merlette, the kids were very excited that Lil Nas X saw their performance.

“One of my students said, ‘Ms. Merlette, he saw our classroom! He saw our classroom!’ And to me, that validation is the most important part of this whole experience,” she said.