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Michael Jordan did it in Game 2 of the 1991 NBA Finals. Rey did it in “The Last Jedi.” Now, Arya Stark is the latest legend to dispense of her enemy with an iconic hand switch.

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And of course, because nothing is ever safe on the internet, “The Arya Challenge” has become somewhat of a thing now. Call it a meme, call it an extremely esoteric dance move, call it a kitchen knife accident waiting to happen, but folks on social media are showcasing their creative sleights of hand.

How do you do it? It’s simple, really, as long as you’re secretly a trained assassin.

1. Raise up your dagger or car keys or sharpened carrot or whatever.

2. Deftly drop it into the other hand…

3. …. and STAB.

(But don’t actually stab. As a trusted news organization, we cannot endorse such violence.)

Put it all together, it looks something like this:

Some have made it into a dance move

Others have brought it back to its athletic roots

Hey, it can be a practical thing too. Hold the door, y’all.

By the way, even Arya’s been doing the Arya challenge for a while. Here she is training with Brienne of Tarth for one of their scenes in Season 7. (Also, this is proof positive that the REAL Arya challenge wasn’t just some 11th hour writing room deus ex machina. It is known!)

After this round of creativity, we’re already preparing ourselves for the #MelisandreChallenge where we all get naked, revert back into old crones and disintegrate into the snow.