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Deutsche Bank now providing Trump financial documents
02:10 - Source: CNN
Washington CNN  — 

A federal judge in New York has set the schedule for the fight over congressional subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One seeking President Donald Trump’s past financial records.

The subpoenas, from Democratic-led House committees, will be paused while the court case plays out in Manhattan. A court hearing is scheduled for May 22.

The court fight comes at a time that the Democratic-led House of Representatives is attempting to bore into alleged improprieties in Trump’s business history – and Trump’s private legal team is trying to hold them off.

A similar lawsuit seeking to stop congressional investigators from getting the financial records of a business in political crosshairs failed last year in a Washington court, and House lawyers have called at least one of Trump’s recent attempts to stop a congressional subpoena a delay tactic that wasn’t supported by the law.

The President, three of his children – Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka – and his businesses filed suit Monday to stop the subpoenas to the banks. Attorneys representing the House are now expected to jump in to fight the Trump suit in New York.

Trump and his companies have separately sued the House and an accounting firm in Washington, DC’s federal court to stop another congressional subpoena for his financial records. That case is moving more quickly, with a court hearing scheduled for May 14.