crocs fanny pack beams
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Crocs know they’re ugly, as much as any shoe can know anything. If any shoe were to ever achieve reflexive self-consciousness, it would be a Croc, so that it could marvel in the true depths of its own … individuality.

And what do popular brands do when they know they have a deep, immovable reputation for making ugly things people love? They lean into it.

Behold the fanny pack Croc, a shoe for the ages. A shoe for our time.

A Very Good Shoe.

This stunning piece of footwear is the collaboration between Crocs and Japanese fashion brand Beams, and yes, that is a little fanny pack there, on the heel.

People are saying it’s one of the ugliest shoes they’ve ever seen which

a) is the entire point, and

b) means they never had a dad who went running in the ’80s and had little neon nylon key pouches attached to all of his New Balances.

We reached out to the company to learn more about the fanny pack Crocs, which go for 5,940 yen, or about $53 – either as daily footwear or a precious family heirloom. We’re waiting to hear back.

But this is a company that knows exactly what it’s doing. Remember the neon yellow Post Malone crocs? They sold out in minutes.

If you find the fanny pack clogs too regular, Crocs has a full offering of alternatives. Perhaps you would like a full graphic watermelon print version? Or a platform number bedecked with metallic flowers?

Lean in, Crocs. Lean in.