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Little girl amazed by Michelle Obama portrait
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Remember Parker Curry, the little girl who caught the attention of Michelle Obama when she stood awestruck in front of the former first lady’s portrait? Well now she’s telling her story in a new book.

Parker and her mother Jessica Curry debuted their children’s book, “Parker Looks Up.” “This book means so much to us and we hope that it inspires Parker’s generation and generations to come,” they wrote in an Instagram post.

Essence magazine first reported the book cover reveal Tuesday.

The book will look at how Parker’s everyday moment changed her life after an onlooker captured her entranced by Amy Sherald’s portrait of Obama at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery last year, the publisher described on its website.

Parker believed Michelle Obama is a queen, Curry told CNN last year. Since then, the pair have developed a special friendship.

Obama shared a video of the pair having a “dance party” days after the photo was shared widely. Then, for Halloween Parker went trick-or-treating as her shero. “You nailed the look, Parker,” the first lady responded.

At a book tour event for Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” they reunited, Parker shared in an Instagram post.

“Parker Looks Up” will be up for sale on October 15.