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Remember when The New York Times broke this story on April 3? “Some on Mueller’s Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed.”

Turns out we didn’t know the half of it. Robert Mueller himself was concerned about the way A.G. Bill Barr’s four-page letter had framed his report. And Mueller said so in a March 27 letter to Barr. We just didn’t know it until now.

On Tuesday both the NYT and the Washington Post were working on stories about Mueller’s previously undisclosed private letter. The Post’s story hit first, just after 7 p.m., and the NYT followed just a few minutes later. When the stories hit, I felt a flashback to the days of 2017 and 2018 when the Times and the Post published dueling scoops the way fighters trade blows…

Mueller was watching…

The Post also reported that Mueller and Barr spoke by phone on March 28. “In that call, Mueller said he was concerned that media coverage of the obstruction investigation was misguided and creating public misunderstandings about the office’s work.”

Many analysts believe that was the whole point. “Barr put out a misleading summary, designed to spin it in a much more pro-Trump direction – to shape the perception of the Mueller report forever,” Jeffrey Toobin said on “AC360.” “What we didn’t know until today was that Mueller was pissed.”

Wall-to-wall coverage on Wednesday

Wednesday “is now a really big day,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Tuesday night. Democratic senators said on CNN and MSNBC that they are rewriting their Q’s for A.G. Bill Barr’s Wednesday morning hearing.

As is typical on nights like this, Fox gave the breaking news a lot less attention… But Fox and the other cablers will begin special coverage of the Barr hearing at 9 a.m. ET…

When will Mueller speak?

This is one of the biggest Q’s on the minds of beat reporters. As Don Lemon said Tuesday night, “the person we really need to hear from, as soon as possible, is Bob Mueller.”

Perhaps he should have spoken out back in March? Elise Jordan said on MSNBC that “so much time passed” between the time Barr “set the narrative” and the time the redacted report came out. “You have an institutionalist playing by the rules,” she said, referring to Mueller, “when no one else that he’s up against is following those rules.”


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KFILE’s newest reporting about Stephen Moore

As reporting keeps coming out about Fed pick Stephen Moore’s controversial comments, multiple Republican senators are openly expressing doubts about supporting him. CNN’s KFILE has been leading the way on this reporting…Here’s the latest…

NYT’s editorial: “A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism”

The NYT editorial board is out with a new editorial about last week’s anti-Semitic cartoon in international editions of the paper. The board says the cartoon is “evidence of a profound danger — not only of anti-Semitism but of numbness to its creep, to the insidious way this ancient, enduring prejudice is once again working itself into public view and common conversation.” Here’s the editorial… I’ll have more about this on Wednesday…


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