sonic the hedgehog update redesign
Sonic's new look dials back the teeth
01:11 - Source: CNN
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TEETH. Sorry, we got distracted. The first trailer for the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie dropped this week, and people are having strong reactions to it.

Maybe it’s because adapting a beloved ’90s video game character is a losing proposition no matter how hard you try, because someone will always feel as if you kidnapped their childhood memories and shoved them through a funhouse mirror.


People are weird about teeth, and always have been. According to dental researcher Rosemary Wells, ancient cultures had a variety of ways of dealing with baby teeth, as described in her essay “The Making of an Icon: The Tooth Fairy in North American Folklore and Popular Culture:”

(1) the tooth was thrown into the sun; (2) thrown into the fire; (3) thrown between the legs; (4) thrown onto or over the roof of the house, often with an invocation to some animal or individual; (5) placed in a mouse hole near the stove or hearth or offered to some other animal; (6) buried; (7) hidden where animals could not get it; (8) placed in a tree or on a wall; and (9) swallowed by the mother, child or animal.

The original animated Sonic appears mostly toothless.

That’s right, people have historically been so freaked out by teeth they used to THROW THEM INTO THE SUN. Dental anxiety is real! You can’t just stick a full set of veneers in any old cartoon character and expect people to not be traumatized! Don’t they remember Mike Myers’ “The Cat in the Hat?”

To be fair, some Sonic depictions of yore definitely did have teeth. But they weren’t… these teeth.

Of course, like we said, you can’t please everyone. And lots of fans seem to be excited about Jim Carrey’s turn as Dr. Robotnik.

Plus, whatever you think about the way Sonic looks in CGI, he’s being brought to life by comedic gem Jean Ralphio, aka Ben Schwartz.

The movie hits theaters November 8. CNN has reached out to Paramount Pictures for comment on people’s reaction to the trailer but has yet to hear back.