02:12 - Source: CNN
Injured rabbi chokes up remembering shooting victim
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    Want to see the northern lights? You don’t have to trek all the way up to the Arctic Circle. This holiday weekend, the aurora borealis will be visible from Idaho to Maine.

    1. Hurricane Dorian

    02:08 - Source: CNN
    Woman killed while protecting rabbi during shooting

    2. Hong Kong protests

    00:34 - Source: CNN
    7 found slain in 2 rural TN homes

    3. Amazon rainforest fires

    Protesters take part in a protest against the proposed extradition law on April 28, 2019 in Hong Kong.

    4. Border wall

    One of two women accused of killing Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was unexpectedly freed earlier this morning. The murder charge against Siti Aisyah was dropped, but prosecutors in Malaysia didn’t say why. Aisyah is expected to return to her home country of Indonesia later today. Prosecutors did not drop charges against her co-defendant, Doan Thi Huong. Aisyah and Huong were charged with killing Kim Jong Nam in February 2017 and faced the death penalty if convicted.

    Spanish Prime Minister and Socialist Party candidate Pedro Sanchez waves to supporters.

    5. Economy

    The US is about to become the world’s leader in exporting energy. Later this year the US will pass Saudi Arabia in exports of oil, natural gas liquids and petroleum, energy research firm Rystad Energy predicts. That’s never happened since Saudi Arabia started selling oil overseas in the 50s. So what’s behind this? The shale oil and natural gas boom. Innovations in drilling have opened up huge swaths of resources in shale oilfields in Texas, North Dakota and other places. Thanks to shale, the US has doubled its oil production over the past decade. America now pumps out more oil than the Saudis or the Russians.

    01:29 - Source: CNN
    Rare wildlife flourishes inside Korean DMZ


    Map makeover

    The Sexiest Man Alive (that’s actor Idris Elba to us mere mortals) tied the knot over the weekend, and women the world over wept.

    00:40 - Source: HLN
    Idris Elba marries model Sabrina Dhowre

    Star power

    We can’t tell which is more cool: That a bunch of high school kids put on an “Alien” play or that Sigourney Weaver paid them a visit.

    01:21 - Source: HLN
    Internet praises high school performance of 'Alien'

    Spoiler alert

    The Battle of Winterfell is over. Did you survive it? Our AJ Willingham did and she has some thoughts on “Game of Thrones’” very dark night.

    01:52 - Source: CNN Business
    Arya Stark's whole life prepared her for the Battle of Winterfell

    Money motorists

    About $30,000 fell out the back of a truck on a Michigan highway. Police are asking folks to return the cash. Good luck with that one, officers.


    “At no time was the animal out of its enclosure … please understand why barriers are put in place.”

    One of the five men rescued from a cave in southwest Virginia.


    18 million

    The Earth-shattering and record-setting box office haul for “Avengers: Endgame” during its opening weekend

    01:27 - Source: CNN
    How 'Avengers: Endgame' shattered records in 2019


    Severe weather heads north in the US 

    01:28 - Source: CNN
    Storms to impact millions across the Plains


    Magic moment

    Watch this dad prank his daughter in the sweetest way possible. (Click to view)