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2020 Democratic ranks swell as Warren rolls out college tuition policy
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One of the largest presidential fields in history has brought together a collection of White House aspirants of various backgrounds, qualifications and life experiences.

So far, 22 men and women – including 20 Democrats – have declared their candidacy to seek the presidency in 2020. Here’s quick look at some of their similarities by the numbers.



  • Six are women: Gabbard, Gillibrand, Harris, Klobuchar, Warren and Williamson.
  • Sixteen are men: Biden, Booker, Buttigieg, Castro, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Inslee, Messam, Moulton, O’Rourke, Ryan, Sanders, Swalwell, Trump, Weld and Yang.

Most popular states of birth

  • Five are from New York: Gillibrand, Sanders, Trump, Weld and Yang.
  • Three are from Texas: Castro, O’Rourke and Williamson.

Government experience

  • Four are current House members: Gabbard, Moulton, Ryan and Swalwell.
  • Two just recently left the House: Delaney and O’Rourke.
  • Three previously served in the House: Inslee, Gillibrand and Sanders.
  • Six are current members of the Senate: Booker, Gillibrand, Harris, Klobuchar, Sanders and Warren.
  • Two are current mayors: Buttigieg and Messam.
  • Four are former mayors: Booker, Castro, Hickenlooper and Sanders.
  • One is a current governor: Inslee.
  • Two are former governors: Hickenlooper and Weld.

Military service

  • One served in the Navy Reserves: Buttigieg.
  • One served in the Marine Corps: Moulton.
  • One currently serves in the Hawaii Army National Guard: Gabbard.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to reflect that Gabbard currently serves in the Hawaii Army National Guard.