Author and food expert Katie Lee is sharing about her fertility issues in the hopes of helping others.
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Katie Lee sounds weary of all the pregnancy talk surrounding her.

In a lengthy post on her official Instagram account the Food Network star has opened up about her and her husband Ryan Biegel’s attempts to get pregnant.

Lee, 37, wrote that “I get multiple messages a day asking me if I’m pregnant or why I am not pregnant yet.”

“I get comments saying I look like I’ve gained weight, so I must be pregnant,” she wrote. “After one said that I looked “thick in the waist,” I finally responded that it’s not ok to comment on a woman’s body and you never know what someone is going through.”

Lee said that after others contacted her with their stories of infertility she decided to share her own.

She said that when she and Biegel, an actor/television producer, married last year they planned on starting a family immediately.

“I couldn’t wait to get pregnant! I naively thought it would be easy,” Lee wrote. “I’m a healthy woman, I eat a balanced diet, exercise, I don’t smoke. Ryan is the same. But reproductive health is an entirely different ballgame.”

Lee wrote that after trying, then having surgery to correct a problem, she developed an infection and shingles.

Her doctor advised her to try in vitro fertilization to get pregnant, she said.

“We just finished the intense process only to get zero healthy embryos,” she wrote. “Not only is iVF physically exhausting, the emotional toll is unparalleled. We were filled with hope and excitement only to be crushed.”

She went on to talk about how hurtful it has been when people ask if she’s pregnant and said she’s gained weight because of the hormones she is taking and not being able to exercise as much.

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But Lee ended her post on a hopeful note.

“I know a family will happen for us, it is just going to be a different journey than we imagined,” she wrote. “We will keep working towards it. Someday we will have our happy new beginning and I pray any of you experiencing the same will have yours too.”