Flooding covered some cars up to their roofs in a Dallas Love Field Airport parking garage.
CNN  — 

Heavy rains flooded a parking garage at Dallas Love Field Airport, submerging dozens cars and trucks – some up to the rooftops.

Will Kolb told CNN that he had to drive through about 2 feet of water to get out of the garage early Wednesday morning. He was parked at an upper level, so he didn’t have any damage.

He was picking people up at the airport and the flooding happened while he was inside.

“(I) was in airport for an hour,” Kolb said. “This all happened within that time.”

Crews are still working to pump water out of the garage, but airport spokesman Chris Perry told CNN that officials estimated that more than 30 vehicles were under water. A later city statement said inspectors were looking at the airport stormwater drainage system to see whether there were obstructions.

Perry told CNN affiliate KTVT that the flooding was caused by an off-site drainage issue. He said that people whose vehicles were damaged should file a claim with their insurance company and an incident report with the City of Dallas Office of Risk Management.

A powerful storm was sweeping across Texas for a third day Wednesday, bringing a continued risk of flooding, high winds, hail and the possibility of isolated tornadoes as it moves east, said CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri.

The airport tweeted that lower level traffic is closed because of water, but that there is plenty of parking in their C parking deck.

More than 100 flights have been canceled at the airport, according to FlightAware.