Police shared this image from inside the store.
CNN  — 

When police responded to a call at a CVS in Texas on Wednesday, they found four people hiding in the ceiling.

One of them ended up needing to be rescued when he got trapped in a tight space.

The alarm at a CVS Pharmacy in Wharton, located southeast of Houston, went off at around 6 a.m. When police arrived, they said they found signs of a burglary in progress – broken glass, items in disarray and an ATM damaged.

As they searched the building, officers discovered four people had barricaded themselves in the false ceiling overhead. Police have not identified the suspects.

As the situation unfolded, police posted photos and other updates on social media.

By 10 a.m., officers had apprehended two of the people in the ceiling, and were still searching for the other two.

One man climbed across the ceiling and dropped down into one of the columns outside the CVS. The Wharton Police Department posted a helpful illustration of a stick figure to show where he ended up.

“Some still can’t believe that we found one of today’s four alleged Burglary suspects within one of CVS’ exterior pillars,” posted Wharton police. “We felt confident that our stick figure drawing was proof enough, but for those still looking for more, here’s an actual picture of his position.”

“We are still currently on-scene investigating the incident, and the suspect’s motives, which appear to be financially related, since catastrophic damage to the ATM located within the building was discovered,” police said in a statement. “The security gate that leads to the pharmacy was also damaged.”

Police arrested the last two suspects and brought them to jail. It was not clear Wednesday evening if the suspects had been charged. The Wharton Police Department did not respond to a CNN request for comment.