Katy Perry judged 'American Idol' contestants dressed as a Disney villain

Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie during the taping of ABC's "American Idol" on April 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

(CNN)Katy Perry transformed into a villain -- a Disney villain -- on "American Idol."

Perry went all out to become Ursula, the evil witch from "The Little Mermaid," for the singing competition show's Disney-themed episode Sunday. Her look was spot-on, with white hair and purple skin, and purple and black tentacles attached to her sequined ensemble.
Rather than dressing as Ariel, she wanted to go a different route because she felt the villain never gets enough attention.
"I was thinking about being the Little Mermaid, but then I realized, Ursula is a character who isn't done very much, the Little Mermaid always gets her moment in the sun!" Perry told "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview after the show. "And Ursula, actually, really wants Ariel's voice. And that's what I want, is these contestants' voices!"