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We already use Amazon as our go-to for clothing, smart home devices and even groceries. But one product you may not be shopping on the site (but should) is at-home DNA kits.

What exactly is an at-home DNA kit?

These kits use a DNA sample which you provide to help you better understand more hidden aspects of your identity. Ancestry-based DNA kits, for example, provide users with their ethnic breakdown and showcase how their ancestors may have traveled around the globe over the course of hundreds of years. Health DNA kits aim to give users a better understanding about how their genes could influence diets, food intolerances and their overall metabolism.

The process for practically every DNA kit is the same. After purchasing, you’ll register your kit with an online profile. The kit comes with a sample collection vial where you’ll typically provide a sample of saliva to be sent back to the testing facility. In a few weeks your online account will be updated with new information on your genealogical background or health insight.

What DNA kits are still on sale?

Currently, Amazon is offering the following at-home DNA kits on sale:

Save $100 on 23andMe’s most comprehensive Health and Ancestry Kit ($99, originally $199; amazon.com)

National Geographic’s DNA Test is just $40 ($40, originally $99.99; amazon.com)

AncestryDNA’s Genetic Testing Kit is also heavily discounted ($49, originally $99; amazon.com)

Doggy DNA kits from Embark are a fraction of the original cost ($135, originally $199; amazon.com)

tellmeGen’s DNA kit is now $50 off its original price tag ($149, originally $199; amazon.com)

EverlyWell’s popular food sensitivity test is now $109 ($109.99, originally $119.99; amazon.com)