A peep into the history of Easter's marshmallow icon

Denise Powell, CNN

Published 8:07 AM ET, Sat April 20, 2019
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Easter is perhaps the most popular time for Peeps marshmallow treats. Mike Mergen/Bloomberg/Getty Images
In 1600, edible sugar sculptures were displayed at a banquet in Florence, Italy, to celebrate the marriage of Maria de' Medici and Henry IV of France. PHAS/UIG/Getty Images
Sam Born, at left with brothers-in-law Jack and Irv Shaffer, shared his chocolates in the window of his Brooklyn, New York, store in 1917. Courtesy of PEEPS®
The company expanded to an empty printing factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1932. Courtesy of PEEPS®
In 1953, Just Born acquired Rodda Candy Co., which originally made the candy we know as Peeps -- but with wings. Courtesy of PEEPS®
The family expanded in the 1950s and '60s. Shapes and flavors are available for seasonal themes such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Courtesy of PEEPS®
By 1998, Peeps were available in five colors: yellow, white, pink, blue and lavender. Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images
In a 2000 episode of "Malcolm in the Middle," Francis makes a bet that results in him eating 100 Peeps (which he calls "Quacks"). 20th Century Fox Television
The first Peeps store opened in 2009 in National Harbor, outside Washington. Google Earth
After Dallas Cowboys football player Barry Church chipped his tooth on a Jolly Rancher in 2013, he was given enough squishy Peeps to last an entire season. Getty Images
In 2017, Matt Stonie won the second annual World Peeps Eating Championship with 255 Peeps in five minutes. Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post/Getty Images