WWII veteran celebrates his 98th birthday at the gym

Fred Lawrence was presented with a new 24 Hour Fitness T-shirt, a cupcake and  card signed by the staff and every member of the gym on Wednesday when he came to work out on his 98th birthday.

(CNN)World War II veteran Fred Lawrence has been hitting the gym three days a week for years, so his 98th birthday was no exception.

Lawrence has been going to the 24 Hour Fitness club in Gladstone, Oregon, near Portland, for five or six years and is the oldest member at the gym.
The club was decorated with signs and balloons when he arrived Wednesday morning and the staff had made vanilla bean cupcakes (his favorite), 24 Hour Fitness spokeswoman Karen Bakula said. Employees presented him with an oversized birthday card signed by everyone at the gym.
They also gave him a new club T-shirt that he put on right away.
    After the party, he went on to do his regular 90-minute workout, Bakula said.