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The redacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller released on Thursday clocks in at more than 400 pages – and, by CNN’s best estimate, includes over 900 redactions totaling more than 1,600 lines.

The color-coded redactions in the report apply to four types of information: grand jury material, classified intelligence information, material tied to ongoing investigations, and information that could harm “peripheral third parties.” The redactions varied from light sprinklings of individual blacked-out words to entire redacted pages.

In tallying the redactions, CNN counted both the instances and the total number of lines by each type of redaction.

Counting the number of lines required making judgment calls, including approximating the number of individual lines in blackened paragraphs and the fraction of a line of redacted text. As a rule of thumb, we rounded redacted lines to the nearest approximate half line.

By our best estimate, the entire Mueller report includes 946 unique redactions and 1,657.5 redacted lines. We counted that a maximum of 46 lines could fit on a page, meaning that just over 36 pages worth – or 8% – of the 448-page report is redacted.

The bulk of the redactions referred to ongoing investigations. The report shows there were 14 cases referred by Mueller to other investigators, 12 of which are unknown to the public. There were an additional two other cases transferred to another office.

Here’s what we found counting the redactions in the Mueller report:

CORRECTION: This story has been corrected to reflect that about 8% of Mueller’s report was redacted.

CNN’s Sean O’Key, Matthew Philips, David Wright and Jason Seher contributed to this report.