2 boys helped rescue a group of ducklings, and people are loving it

Two Savannah boys helped a police officer rescue eight ducklings.


Take a deep breath. Let it out. Look at these nice young men who helped rescue eight ducklings from a sewer in Savannah, Georgia. See? The world is good after all.
According to the Savannah Police Department, an officer was sent out to investigate a complaint about an animal in distress on Tuesday night. When they arrived at the scene, these two friends of nature, Derrick and Noah, were already there trying to free a group of ducklings from a storm drain. Together, the three of them managed to get all of the ducks to safety, and they are now recovering at a wildlife preserve.
    The Savannah Police Department posted a little thank-you on their Facebook page, and people are loving it.
    "That's so awesome! Little boys helping nature!" someone wrote. "Way to go Derrick and Noah!"
      CNN has reached out to the Savannah Police Department for comment.
      Oh, and here's an interesting fact about ducks: According to the Oxford Dictionary, a group of ducks on land is called a "safe." How very fitting.