A Russian priest has been banished after his wife took part in a beauty pageant, state news reports

Priest Sergiy Zotov will serve in a small village parish on a temporary basis.

(CNN)A Russian Orthodox priest has been removed from his post and sent to work in a remote village after his wife took part in a beauty contest, the state news agency RIA Novosti reported.

The secretary of the Magnitogorsk episcopate told RIA Novosti that the priest's wife, Oksana Zotova, performed a Brazilian dance in carnival costume at a beauty pageant held during the Great Lent fasting season.
Photos of her appearance then spread on social media.
Oksana Zotova took part in a beauty pageant during a period of religious fasting.
The priest, Sergiy Zotov, will be temporarily sent from his post in the southwestern city of Magnitogorsk to serve in Fershampenuaz village because the wife of a priest should not behave in this way, the secretary, Father Lev Baklitsky, told RIA Novosti.
    "And we know Father Sergiy to be a good, good priest," Baklitsky told the news agency.
    There is no issue with priests and their wives going to the beach or the bathhouse, but putting these kinds of photos on social media is unnecessary, Baklitsky said, according to RIA Novosti.
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