The best cities in the US for runners

By Denise Powell, CNN

Published 9:11 AM ET, Tue April 16, 2019
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Arlington, Virginia tops the list for the second consecutive year of SmartAsset's ranking of best US cities for runners. It has many options for indoor and outdoor runners and many races. Jose Luis Magana/AP
San Francisco is unique because all residents in the study were able to walk to a park in 10 minutes. Ben Margot/ASSOCIATED PRESS
In the nation's capital, not everyone is running for a political office. It ranks third this year. Oliver Contreras/The Washington Post/Getty Images
Placing fourth, Madison, Wisconsin has the second most number of gyms for every 10,000 residents. Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
Minneapolis was bumped down from second to fifth place with 97% of its residents being able to walk to the park within 10 minutes. Raymond K. Gehman/National Geographic/Getty Images
Greater than 10% of Seattle's residents walk to work. Elaine Thompson/AP
Pittsburgh ranked 7th this year after being ranked sixth last year. Ed Rieker/AP
Boston maintained its position in the lower tier of the top 10 list as it was bumped from ninth up to the eight position this year. The city is home to one of the most famous and competitive races in the country: the Boston Marathon. Elise Amendola/AP
St. Paul, Minnesota is around 15% park land. Jim Gehrz/AP
Denver was last on the top 10 list in 2018 but was edged out by Lincoln, Nebraska this year. AP