Christina Tosi
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From this day forth, Crack Pie is no more.

The famous pie, served at the New York-based bakery Milk Bar, will change its name, according to a letter written by the bakery’s founder, Christina Tosi.

“We’ve made the decision to stop using the name Crack Pie. Starting today, it will be known as Milk Bar Pie,” Tosi wrote. “While change is never easy, we feel this is the right decision.”

The pie formerly known as Crack Pie, now Milk Bar Pie, from the bakery Milk Bar.

Crack Pie is a butter pie with an oat crust.

The change comes after continued controversy, with the name’s reported allusion to the addictive nature of crack cocaine, which decimated mostly African-American communities in the 1980s and ’90s.

Devra First, food writer for the Boston Globe, wrote a column blasting the name last month.

“A bakery would never try to market something called Fentanyl Cake, and the name Crack Pie feels offensively off-key,” she wrote.

Other food writers have also written about the name before First’s column.

Tosi wrote in her letter that showing respect, having integrity and loving the job were the fuel of her employees whose mission is to “spread joy and inspire celebration.”

“The name Crack Pie falls short of this mission,” she wrote.

She decided on the name Milk Bar Pie because “it’s been on the Milk Bar menu since day one” and that “the old name was getting in the way of letting the gooey, buttery slice bring happiness— my only goal in creating the thing in the first place.”

Crack Pie still shows up on Google searches, but once the link is clicked, Milk Bar’s website says “Milk Bar Pie.”

Milk Bar was founded in 2008 by Tosi, an award-winning pastry chef. Tosi was featured on the Netflix docu-series “Chef’s Table” last year.