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Roses are red, blue are the skies, plants are pretty, but all of yours, well—die.

If you start every spring with the greenest of intentions, but your thumb always comes up less than green, you’re definitely not alone. Novice gardeners, new owners of succulents or hopeful apartment dwellers with windowsill herbs all face the steep learning curve of growing their bounty.

These helpful garden goodies can help make your area bloom. From self-watering pots that take one item off your to-do list, to fertilizer that supercharged seedlings, consider this your beginner tool kit:

Gardening Trowel ($26; nordstrom.com)

Don’t be intimidated by this word you may not know: consider a trowel a better version of your hands. With this mini-shovel, you can easily break through tough earth to plant flowers and other small seeds in shallow ground. In addition to being useful, this pretty pick from The White Company is so pretty you could Instagram it.

Succulents Three-Pack ($59.15; amazon.com)

We all know our strengths and our interests. If you like the idea of plants but you aren’t quite ready to commit to a weekly watering routine, succulents might be the best bet for you. Recently trendy, they need just a few drops of water every 10 days or so — and can survive if you forget, since they’re desert-born. You can deck out your space with this three-piece set, featuring pretty pots with a pop of color.

Seedsheet Salad Kit ($14.99; amazon.com)

What if, instead of buying limp salad greens at the grocery store and watching them wilt in the fridge, you could grow your own? It probably feels impossible, but with this at-home kit, you’ll be amazed at the ease. The kit comes complete with soil, seeds and a soft pot. You unpack, plant and wait for the magic to happen. Fun for kids — and adults! — it’s a nice starter kit to gardening.

AeroGarden Harvest ($144; amazon.com)

You can control your attitude, but you can’t control the weather. And if you’re in a place that’s notoriously cold, you could give up on ever growing fresh herbs – until now, that is! With this cool kit, you can grow herbs and veggies inside year-round, regardless of the amount of natural light that comes in. The plants arrive in a customizable seed kit and grow via hydroponics, which means you don’t need any soil. It’ll also tell you when your babies are running low on water or food. Talk about easy-peasy!

Self-Watering Devices (starts at $23.95; amazon.com)

When you’re away on vacation — or so overworked you can’t remember anything — you need an extra thumb. That’s where this affordable system comes in. It will water your plants as needed for a five- to seven-day period. You can use these indoors or outdoors and set up a timer for ease.

Self-Watering Pot (starts at $11.99; amazon.com)

Want to take the hands-off approach to another level? With this set of pretty white planters, you can fill up and forget for 10 days. We love the modern aesthetic and the earth-friendly approach that takes some of the guesswork out of gardening. Pair with a vibrant green beauty and your home will shine.

Garden Tool Set ($34.99; amazon.com)

When you’re eager to plant your garden and watch it grow, you need all the supplies. This complete set includes gloves, an apron, many tools for planting and raking, and much more. You’ll probably want to watch a quick YouTube tutorial on how to work everything, but having these on hand will make it easier to tend to your blooms.

Plant Food ($2.24, originally $3.59; amazon.com)

A lot of plants will sprout happier if you give them some grub. These little plant food sticks can go directly into the soil every two months to help tiny seeds become big, healthy sprouts. Make sure to chat with your local nursery to ensure you’re pairing the noms with the right type of plants!